Alocasia Problems: Can I repot my Alocasia I just bought in November?


Can I repot my Alocasia I just bought in November?


Hello, I'm Chiara and I recently bought a beautiful elephant plant.
I put it out on a small terrace but as the pot is too small for the plant tonight it fell to me with a bit of wind.
My question is whether I can now put it in a slightly larger pot even if we are at the end of November and whether I have to remove the leaf that has become a bit spoiled; if so, how?
Thank you in advance


Hi Chiara,

what a wonderful plantAlocasia. A spectacle of nature.

Now, before answering the question, I make some considerations.

What you always think when you see the plants in a nursery with their small pot, is that the nurseryman wanted to save on the pot and on the earth. Fortunately, this is not the case. In fact the plants, if a correct fertilization and repotting plan are followed, do not need a large amount of soil which would favor the development of the root system to the detriment of the aerial part.

That said, theAlocasia it cannot be repotted in November, when the plant is in vegetative rest. But beyond this, another reason why this operation should not be done is that it is not really the case to subject the plant to further stress, considering that it has just arrived at your home. Think about one thing: you took the plant away from the greenhouse, then from a controlled environment, where it had optimal light and temperature for it to put it on an outdoor terrace exposed to the elements! So leave this poor plant alone. Besides theAlocasia it is repotted every 2/3 years therefore, wait at least a year before changing the land.

To solve the falling plant problem, you might want to buy a clay pot that can hold the plant pot. That way it wouldn't fall off.

But I also give you another suggestion: since the cold is approaching, I recommend that you bring it inside the house and then put it out on the terrace only when the warm season begins. The minimum temperatures forAlocasia they must not drop below 15 ° C, keeping it outdoors, you risk making it die of cold.

The leaf does not cut it. It's just damaged. It shouldn't bother for that reason.

I hope I was clear. If there is any doubt, you know where to find me.

Dr. Maria Giovanna Davoli


Thank you so much for the answer .... but not knowing if he answered or not I unfortunately did my own thing ... convinced that I wanted to put it out, I put the plant on a slightly larger pot with clay balls at the base and also a little on the top.
After this operation, in order not to make them suffer any more stress, I decided to keep it inside until spring; and yes, after this decision I too thought (I could have avoided doing this transfer then), but unfortunately the damage is now done ...
My question now is: is this irreparable damage? Can I fix it somehow ?!
Thank you.


Hi Chiara,
and to think that I answered quickly, worried that I could proceed with the repotting. However, at this point you can only hope that yours Alocasia is strong enough to overcome this strain without problems. I can't give you certainties because it all depends on how the plant will react. Come on, let's keep our fingers crossed and we're positive.
Read the technical sheet dedicated toAlocasia so you will know how to deal with cultivation. I recommend you, in this period, only water, enough to keep the soil barely moist. Better a little less water than more considering that it is a plant with rhizomes. Then, when the temperatures start to rise, you will gradually increase them. Do not fertilize (this is something you plan to do as soon as a plant arrives home). You have changed the land so the plant already has a good supply of nutrients, given by the new soil.
Good luck. If there are problems, you know where to find me.
Dr. Maria Giovanna Davoli


Good morning,
thanks again ... I will follow your advice and next time, certain of your answer, I will not be in a hurry. It was love at first sight with this plant, so I sincerely hope it makes it.

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