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Not many people know that a tree can be grown from an avocado seed at home, and with some luck it can even bloom and bear fruit. Avocado is an unpretentious plant, and everyone has the opportunity to grow it without much difficulty.

TOP 10 coniferous plants for the home. Rules for caring for domestic conifers

Today, perhaps, there is not a single office, room or house, wherever there is at least one flowerpot. On the contrary, flower arrangements adorn spacious reception halls, bedrooms, living rooms and hallways of residential buildings. It is impossible to imagine the terraces of country houses and summer cottages without hanging pots and exposed flowerpots. Live compositions successfully decorate human habitats. The opinion is erroneous that only flowering plants can decorate the interior. Evergreen conifers can also add charm, comfort, contrast and beauty to a room. Despite the fact that these woody shrubs do not produce flower buds at all, they are beautiful and perfectly complement a floral arrangement of flowering plants.

Many growers reproduce their own conifers on their own, initially buying a seedling in a flower shop. When shopping for an evergreen coniferous plant, it is necessary to take into account some of the features and characteristics of conifers. The recommendations of florists on the choice of a high-quality seedling, capable of reproduction in the future, will not be superfluous.

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HABANERO AJI Hot - The bag has 6 pieces. 19.00. tse peruanska rizvid gostrich peppers Adzhi with fruit-citrus aroma. The fruits are small, bright orange. The vigor of the temple arch.

Fruit to dry and grind for additional food in the growing season. Have a fresh eye for preparing salsa and salads. Come for a viroshuvannya in a small mountaineer. It is necessary to mind - regular watering every year. ...
AJI LEMON - 6 items - UAH 19 , citrus relish, duzhe gostry, Bakkatum, K-st satin: 6 pcs. The bush is 60-90 cm at the height of the rozkidisty Peppers 7.5 cm are even cropped. Peruvian variety of gostrich peppers of Adji. Smak: gostry from 30,000 to 50,000 on the Scoville scale
An even juicy aromatic, crunchy and juicy pepper is wonderful for food of Russian and be the best cuisine. Yogo can be vikoristovuvati fresh, dried or dull. The juiciness of the whole pepper is not to be sacrificed for the preparation of free sauces and salads.

Pepper Mushroom Yellow, Pepper Mushroom
Number of seeds: 6 pcs. - .- UAH 19
Description: Family: Solanaceae Genus: Capsicum Subtype: Squash Taste: spicy. It has a more flattened appearance than Jamaican Yellow, possibly the same variety. Pre-sowing treatment with biological products and soaking according to the instructions. Planting in open ground through seedlings. Terms from planting to ripening 90-110 days

AJI DULCE ) - UAH 20 for 6 pcs.

Description: Family: Solanaceae Genus: Capsicum Subtype: Squash Taste: spicy Presowing treatment with biological products and soaking according to the instructions. Planting in open ground through seedlings. The time from planting to ripening is 90-110 days. Photo

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Nowadays, you can often find on sale fruits called passionfruit, or granadilla. These are the fruits of edible passionflower (Passiflora edulis), a large exotic liana with flowers of striking beauty.

Passionflower, photo by the author

Passiflora requires a lot of sun, warmth and nutritious soil to grow successfully. She can successfully vegetate on the northern window, but in such conditions it will be, rather, an ornamental deciduous plant, you should not expect flowers in insufficient light.

The plant develops quickly, it needs a lot of space and good support. With proper care in the second or third year, usually at the end of summer, passionflower blooms. Rooted cuttings from a thriving plant bloom the same year.

Rustic Garden Design Ideas

Country is a great option for organizing lots of any size, there is complete freedom for creativity and imagination, unlike many styles with strict recommendations. The village garden is a union of bright colors and practicality, there is a place for original decorations, for example, a stuffed animal and a wicker fence.

You can implement the most daring decisions, but in order to create the right atmosphere, you must follow two simple rules - the unity of the composition and harmony with the surrounding architecture.

A bit of history

Country style originated at the beginning of the 20th century in Western Europe, its founder was the world famous design expert and professional artist Gertrude Jekkil. The style was based on the cottage gardens of England, which were popular in the old days, Gertrude gave the gardens aesthetics, created picturesque compositions.

Gertrude Jekkil opened the world to the unspoiled beauty of sophisticated gardens. Europe gladly accepted this innovation, according to the projects of the talented designer, more than 350 objects in rural country style were broken up. The popularity of the trend was largely influenced by the ease of caring for the garden, and little by little, adopting the basics, each nation contributed to the development of the style.

Rustic plot

The aim of the style is to create a romantic corner in a natural, familiar landscape. The style is simple, yet every detail is carefully thought out. Like any other direction in landscape design, country has its own distinctive features, consider them:

  • Riot of colors manifests itself in everything, there is a place for fruit trees, bright flowers and all kinds of greenery, and a vegetable garden is an obligatory part of a country-style plot. You do not need to be limited to growing something specific, you can combine vegetables, ornamental plants and herbs.
  • Uncomplicated decor elements in such a garden, they are not just permissible, they are mandatory, it can be wicker supports for climbing plants, fences and hedges, winding and branching paths and boardwalks are appropriate. Old benches, simple swings, decorative wells are integral attributes of a style based on naturalness. Almost all small garden forms are made of wood.
  • Any old stuff, gathering dust somewhere in the bins, will surely find their place here. Wheels from carts, watering cans, pots, buckets or barrels, birdhouses - there is a use for everything.
  • Untouched nature and negligence. You should not plant trees and shrubs according to varieties - the country style does not need orderliness, it cannot violate the framework of geometry, they simply are not here.
  • Decorations and small architectural forms. In the village garden you can find open pavilions made of wood, a garden bridge thrown over an artificial reservoir, a fence made of a low palisade, a neat and small stream.
  • You can also note the simplicity and naturalness of the layout, as well as the obligatory presence of secluded and cozy corners.


The rustic garden can be divided into functional zones, they are designated according to the style - arches entwined with creepers, for example, hops, wild grapes, or they are limited by wicker hedges decorated with inverted pots and jugs.

The entrance area and the adjoining territory are usually decorated with fruit or ornamental trees. In the spring, fruit trees delight with pleasant flowering, and in the fall with ripe fruits, birch or mountain ash fit perfectly from the decorative in the rustic style.

The front flower bed in such a garden is decorated with decorative flowers, vegetables and herbs, and it is not forbidden to plant everything together. If you dwell only on flowers, you can safely combine several varieties and species, for example, poppies, daisies, phloxes, cornflowers, asters, dahlias and others will perfectly get along in one flower bed. These are mainly plants that bloom one after another and do not require special care.

Paths, decor elements, furniture and architectural forms

There can be no straight and even paths in a rustic style, only winding lines and untouched-looking paths. As for the material, wood cuts, gravel, natural stone, paving slabs or granite screenings are suitable. Elements of the paths are paved at a distance, grass grows between them.

Given the complete freedom in choosing a garden decor, there is not too much of it - the space is not cluttered. There can be no gnomes and frogs in such a garden, they do not fit into the rustic style, carts with flowers, jugs, a garden scarecrow, wicker baskets, decorative wells, etc., look more harmonious.

Although, due to the fact that the decor of a rustic-style garden can be approached with humor, many gardeners bring kitsch elements to the design of a rustic garden using figurines of gnomes, turtles and frogs:

Garden furniture is chosen light and simple, preference is given to wood, the same applies to all architectural forms and hedges.

Plants for a country-style garden

Atypical and exotic plants are not planted - they need constant, painstaking care, and a country-style garden is intended for relaxation.

Outbuildings can be hidden by various shrubs, for example, lilacs, jasmine, rose hips or viburnum. Gooseberry or currant bushes can serve as the border of the garden area. A country-style plot is not complete without a varied garden and all kinds of flower beds with various bright colors. Cutting trees and shrubs, neat monotonous flower beds do not fit into the country style - it does not tolerate any severity.

Did you know that cedars are well grafted on pines? Rather, cedar pines are grafted onto Scots pine.

And thus you can accelerate the fruiting of cedar by 7-10 times compared to growing a seedling! Expand text ...

After all, a cedar grown from a nut begins to bear fruit at the age of 20-30 years. A cedar scion taken from an adult cedar begins to bear fruit 3-4 years after vaccination (as soon as it gains vegetative mass).

On our site and around there were many young pines, and this topic once became very interesting to me.

So four years ago I learned to plant cedars on pines in a clever way - "black to green." The author of this method is Mikhail Vasilievich Tvelenev. He devoted most of his life to the introduction of cedars and their introduction into the forest-forming species of the Moscow and nearby regions. He is now 92 years old. And only recently he retired from business on this topic.

The specificity of his method consists in grafting a lignified cedar stalk with a still dormant overwintered bud into a fresh green growth of a pine. Execution "in split" gives a large contact area and good mechanical adhesion, and the overcrowding of the green growth with resin juices - quick accretion and disinfection. The kidney starts to grow with a delay, but is catching up.

Cuttings are cut in early spring and stored in the snow until early summer (the time of grafting) so that the kidney does not wake up. The grafting technique is simple, the survival rate is good. The main difficulty: to get cuttings from a fruiting cedar and keep them in a snow pile until June.

The photo below shows my 3 year old, 2 year old and 1 year old graft on pine trees.

And this year I got cuttings from other cedar trees, because grafted cuttings from the same tree are clones and there can be no cross-pollination between them. And it is important for productivity. I will graft them on the pines between the already grafted ones.

Here's my last year's article - a quick guide to grafting cedrososen: https://vk.com/wall-162317677_11

Here is a note on the constrictions from the vaccination tapes (for those who have not yet removed them from last year's vaccinations): https://vk.com/wall-162317677_34

Tell us, have you tried to plant cedars on pines?

High quality service from a team of professionals

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For more than 4 years, Agrostore has been helping to bring to life the bold landscape solutions of its clients, as well as replenish fertile gardens with new varieties of plants. This is possible thanks to qualified managers who follow the changes in the market - the prompt replenishment of the product catalog and the introduction of innovations make us the best among the online stores of indoor plants and seedlings in Ukraine.

Our design

You can decorate an indoor garden of fruit crops in different ways, but in any case, the plants (and they are all in containers) need to be grouped in one place in the room, beautifully arranged: the higher ones are in the background, the lower ones are in the foreground. And alternate them so that they are as different as possible in appearance. In the selected corner of the room, you can put colored ceramic tiles and put pots on them or place beautiful light stones, large shells between the pots. It is not bad to build or buy a special “ladder” shelf.

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