Globose Spurge


Euphorbia globosa (Globose Spurge)

Euphorbia globosa (Globose Spurge) is a dwarf, spineless succulent composed of weird, globular, segmented fingers that grow from a…

Potted spurge

It is perfectly possible to grow your spurges in a pot. It’s even a brilliant idea for your decks, patios and balconies.

  • For that, find a container that has a hole at the bottom for drainage.
  • Plant the spurge in all-purpose, planting or horticultural soil mix.
  • Avoid emplacements that might get too hot. Partial shade is actually recommended.
  • More regular watering is a good idea, with mulch at the foot of the spurge.
  • Water as soon as the soil is dry, for in pots the soil dries up much faster.

Watch the video: Prostrate Spurge or Spotted Spurge - We Need to Talk About It!

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